Consilium is a time tracking software designed for freelancers to keep their brains focused on their project.

Consilium is your aid for keeping track of your hours worked as a freelancer. You can easily manage your clients, projects and invoices on one simple and intuitive platform. Built on node.js and Electron, it acts as a native OS X app facilitating an uninterrupted workflow.


Freetime project, started 2014

Tools used

JavaScript, node.js, Electron, io.js, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop


As the data Consilium handles is very personal, it's encrypted and synced to all your devices via iCloud Drive. The basic structure of the application is built on node.js and Electron - a tool which runs HTML and JS as native wrappers.

In the first version of Consilium I used the browser and PHP to run this platform but soon realized I didn't want the data to be stored on servers that are not secure. To resolve this issue I installed a webserver on a Raspberry Pi and used it locally with password protection. By using a personal VPN I was able to use Consilium regardless of location. However, I was still unsatisfied with the product.

After further research I implemented the Electron wrapper and was amazed by the possibilities presented with node.js and io.js. Consilium was my ongoing companion working as a freelancer until 2016 and is was also used as a tool to keep track of my working hours for my jobs at the university until mid of 2017.


~ 390
tracked hours (as of May 2017)
managed projects
1 463
lines of code
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