Hassel Movie Database is a comprehensive overview of your movies and tv shows to answer the question “What can I watch tonight?”

"What can I watch tonight?" - That is the question HMDb (Hassel Movie Database) tries to answer. The HMDb is a private collection of all your movies and TV shows. Unlike large sites like IMDb, TMDb etc., the HMDb focuses on your personal media experience. By using your own media library, it can recommend you something to watch. It also provides important and interesting information about your movies and TV shows like description, rating, trailer, length, date, actors and age restrictions.


Freetime project, started 2014

Tools used

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Git, iTunes API, TMDb API

HMDb - Version 1
Version 1

Starting as a simple collection of all my movies and tv shows, version 1 was a proof of concept with limited functionality. It used the iTunes API to automatically fetch information related to the titles I imported. With this I wanted to see if having an online database with just your own media was useful.

Version 2

After evaluating feedback and researching further I visually overhauled the application. To communicate the mood of a movie-night I chose to use dark blue, cinematic colors.

I wanted the user to focus on the artwork of their media, but the iTunes API only provided relatively small posters which I then upscaled and intentionally blurred to convey empathy.

HMDb - Version 2
HMDb - Version 3
Version 3

Since my concept prooved itself I wanted to develop the project further. I repogrammed everything in an object oriented programming paradigm and switched from the iTunes API to the TMDb (The Movie Database) API.

This gave me access to way more information about the movies and tv shows including high resolution wallpapers for each title.

HMDb Importer

To import new media titles, I developed a small terminal application which requests the media type (movie, TV show, and season) and then asks for the name. The script then searches the TMDb API for that specific title, grabs relevant information and encrypts it with a unique key.

This key is only used by your importer and your personal installation of the HMDb. It copies the encrypted data to your clipboard and redirects to an import page of your HMDb. By pressing enter, the HMDB requests the remaining information and imports the title to the database.

HMDb Importer
Version 4

While writing the third version of this application I learned a lot about object oriented prigramming and data processing.

Since my design skills had also improved I decided to reprogram the HMDb from scratch, applying all new techniques I learned and creating a bolder visual appearance with clearer information hierarchy.

Landing page design
Movie page
Actor's profile


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