Maze Motion is a game where the user rotates a maze to guide a small dot out of it by using his hand gestures.

Maze Motion is a mixed reality game built with leap motion and Box2D. The game was developed as our project for the course “3-Dimensional Basics in the Media Environment” in the second semester of IoT at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd. The game’'s objective is to guide a small dot out of a maze as quickly as possible by controlling the maze’'s rotation with your hand.


University project, second semester

Tools used

JavaScript, Box2D, Leap Motion, Adobe Illustrator


Lisa Jäger
Joana Schauer

The game's final map

We were tasked with making a game with the Box2D physics engine and using a leap motion as an input. Our game's concept is to guide a ball with normal gravitational properties towards the exit of a maze by controlling the maze's rotation. To make things interesting we changed the gravity periodically as you traverse the maze.

To avoid generating the boundaries manually every time we modified the map, we developed a small script which translated any pixel graphic to Box2D boundaries by searching for a specific color. It worked well and saved us a lot of time.


lines of code (map generator)
auto generated map size
lines of code (game)
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