radAra is a simple and lightweight micro php framework that allows for quick starts in new fully customized projects.

radAra is a simple and lightweight micro framework I developed to use in many of my projects. It's written in PHP and provides comprehensive functions for routing requests, rendering pages and managing components. It is extendable and comes with its own templating engine.


Freetime project, started 2015

Tools used


Application structure

While I was working on some PHP based projects I noticed that I often write a similar foundation for my applications. I decided to work on a general purpose framework that would help me start new projects quickly and easily.

radAra is built with modularity in mind. The core is responsible for routing requests, manging the environment and providing a global configuration API.

Easily configurable and programmable components can be installed to expand functionality. My most frequently used components were abstraction layers for MySQLi and centralized version management.


Programming this framework was a learning experience. By building the archtitecture from scratch I learned a lot about the object oriented programming paradigm and how to manage applications with the MVC pattern. I used this framework in many of my projects before I started developing front ends in Vue.js.

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